Last year in Pre-school


My gosh, my daughter, you know that one I carried for 39 weeks and 6 days, and came out to this world weighing a measly 7.26 lbs. has already been attending school for three years now. Whoa. Where did time go? I could not believe that she will be in grade school next year. It seems too far off from now but I know that when it comes to bringing up kids that the hourglass just seems unstoppable. Sigh, where did my baby go…

School started for her last week but was able to personally bring her only last Tuesday (thank God for holidays!). It looks like her school is growing, proof of the good quality of the institution which is spreading like wildfire in our neck of the woods. Security was tighter and parents who normally can go inside and wait a bit before kids go in classes are not allowed inside the campus anymore. Parents, fetchers, and guardians would now be literally rubbing elbows and other parts of the body in an effort to see their children off, which made it harder to move around now. So the school management limited non-students to the outside of the gates now. Oh well.

I was hoping to meet Mischa’s new adviser, to see for myself into whose hands my daughter goes to everyday. Unfortunately, got only a glimpse of her. And I wouldn’t judge yet for now. I hope she’s as good as Teacher Jhane last year, whom Mischa misses so much. I really liked her a lot, too.

We’ll still see if we will continue as planned to transfer her to a big school next year. Although I know that halfway through the year, around the time I give birth, I would have to seriously think about it and do something about it. Actually, we already have a school in mind, and I have an alternative just in case the first one doesn’t pan out. But we’ll see.

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