Back to back first birthdays

The weekend after Mischa’s birthday, we trekked to the north, spent some time with Ninong before school officially starts, and attended two first birthday parties. She was a little grumpy this day before she desperately wanted to wear her Queen Elsa gown, but which for which I had to use all my charms, persuasive power and parental authority for her not to do. There is no way I am letting her upstage the celebrants.

First, we went to Mischa’s Ninang Chi’s son’s first birthday, which Lex, the celebrant, spent in Jollibee. It was a Batman-themed birthday, and I think it was the first time I attended a children’s party that the color scheme were not pastels. But it was still fun. Parties at Jollibees are.


Afterwards, we went all the way to Novaliches for Baby Renzee’s celebration. She had her party at home, and as always, Mischa had fun with her cousins.



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