Last year in Pre-school


My gosh, my daughter, you know that one I carried for 39 weeks and 6 days, and came out to this world weighing a measly 7.26 lbs. has already been attending school for three years now. Whoa. Where did time go? I could not believe that she will be in grade school next year. It seems too far off from now but I know that when it comes to bringing up kids that the hourglass just seems unstoppable. Sigh, where did my baby go…

School started for her last week but was able to personally bring her only last Tuesday (thank God for holidays!). It looks like her school is growing, proof of the good quality of the institution which is spreading like wildfire in our neck of the woods. Security was tighter and parents who normally can go inside and wait a bit before kids go in classes are not allowed inside the campus anymore. Parents, fetchers, and guardians would now be literally rubbing elbows and other parts of the body in an effort to see their children off, which made it harder to move around now. So the school management limited non-students to the outside of the gates now. Oh well.

I was hoping to meet Mischa’s new adviser, to see for myself into whose hands my daughter goes to everyday. Unfortunately, got only a glimpse of her. And I wouldn’t judge yet for now. I hope she’s as good as Teacher Jhane last year, whom Mischa misses so much. I really liked her a lot, too.

We’ll still see if we will continue as planned to transfer her to a big school next year. Although I know that halfway through the year, around the time I give birth, I would have to seriously think about it and do something about it. Actually, we already have a school in mind, and I have an alternative just in case the first one doesn’t pan out. But we’ll see.

Placenta accreta

My pregnancy journey this time has really tested our family. With my first, except for that terrible bout of pregnancy rashes, I was otherwise fine. I was just…big.

Now, it’s just so different. I don’t know, but I feel like I am encountering all probably complications known to pregnant women. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly feels like that. For a while in the beginning, I thought I was going to lose the baby again. I bled a lot, I was hospitalized, and was put on bed rest for the better part of the first trimester. My myoma is growing alongside the baby, and for the life of me, I don’t know how my uterus can accommodate a growing child and almost half a foot of benign tumor.

And now, this.

During my 13th week ultrasound, the sonologist who did my scan suspected that the myoma may be overlapping with the placenta since they were adjacent to each other. And so on my 18th week, I was ordered to undergo color mapping or another form of ultrasound using a doppler. There, though still hard to confirm, it seems that about a centimeter of the placenta is indeed attached to the myoma, which is part of the uterine wall. It is just plain luck that I possess many of the risk factors for placenta accreta. I probably have uterine scarring due my previous cesarian section, had a D&C procedure due to my miscarriage last year, I am 35, and been carrying this myoma for God knows how long.

My OB has not said much, except that my condition is definitely dangerous and difficult. So of course, I took it upon myself to research and turn to everyone’s friend, Google. The prognosis is not too bad. It is not common, but neither was it unheard of. There are ways to treat it, and the good thing is that, I have been diagnosed now rather than later, so that both I and my doctor can aptly prepare. We could plan something akin to a troop preparing for war.

Truth be told, I am definitely scared. Of dying in particular, as I have read that placenta accreta can sometimes be fatal due to possible hemorrhaging after giving birth. I am so afraid of leaving my young family–my husband and two babies–fending for themselves. Families need wives and mothers.

As I am now on my 21st week, I have to be closely monitored and regularly undergo the doppler sonography, instead of the normal ultrasound. I am praying for some miracle of God, that somehow the myoma and placenta would separate at some point, and not fully join together. But I think it’s all anyone can do right now, to pray for my uncomplicated delivery. And to believe that the Lord will spare me and the baby.

A tribute to Daddy

It’s been days since we celebrated Fathers’ Day, nonetheless, I wanted to post this as a tribute to Mischa’s daddy.

photo (7)

Mischa is very lucky to have you, as would the baby squirmy who is still in my tummy. While my fervent hope for you is to have more patience and for your to hold off your temper (hehe), I know that whatever happens to me, that the kids will be in good hands. I thank the heavens for giving you to me as my partner in bringing up these wonderful creation of God. He could not have given me anyone better. Thank you for supporting me and being with me no matter how difficult it is, especially with this pregnancy. Mischa and I and Baby love you so much!

Ada’s first birthday

It was another first birthday celebration for us last weekend. This time, it was our neighbor, Baby Ada’s birthday. They live right across from us, and they are the closest (figuratively) to our family so far. At the moment, we like them better than the ones beside us, but who knows in the future. We like how they seem to mind our house, especially our plants and utility bills (when they’re just left by messengers), when we are not home. And Mischa likes to play with their three-year old elder son, Coco. We also almost always pass food to each other for sharing.

So we trooped to the Mall of Asia to be with Ada on her special, and was glad to see other neighbors (all from our street) at the party. Now I am pressured to have them too when we baptize the little on still in my tummy. lol





Back to back first birthdays

The weekend after Mischa’s birthday, we trekked to the north, spent some time with Ninong before school officially starts, and attended two first birthday parties. She was a little grumpy this day before she desperately wanted to wear her Queen Elsa gown, but which for which I had to use all my charms, persuasive power and parental authority for her not to do. There is no way I am letting her upstage the celebrants.

First, we went to Mischa’s Ninang Chi’s son’s first birthday, which Lex, the celebrant, spent in Jollibee. It was a Batman-themed birthday, and I think it was the first time I attended a children’s party that the color scheme were not pastels. But it was still fun. Parties at Jollibees are.


Afterwards, we went all the way to Novaliches for Baby Renzee’s celebration. She had her party at home, and as always, Mischa had fun with her cousins.



Adarna Food and Culture

As we continue to celebrate the little girl’s birthday the past weekend, Her Ninong treated us to dinner at Adarna Food and Culture, another one of those turn of the century houses-turned-restaurant. Tucked away on Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City, it is one of the most frequented joints in the area, but I am glad there were few patrons that Saturday night we chose to dine there.

I love antique houses! It always makes me think and remember fondly my own childhood spent at my grandparents’ house in a small town in Batangas. If I close my eyes long enough, I would almost feel the hagod of my Lola‘s hand on my back and her kisses atop my head. And then my lolo would come in fresh from the sabungan carrying my favorite balot. Sigh! Now I miss them.








There was even a small sari-sari store that my grandparents owned! Okay, now being bitten by heavy nostalgia.


Mischa was totally fascinated.



I thought that the courtyard would have looked better in the morning when it would be hit by rays of sunshine. I can imagine myself curled up under a tree with a good book and a glass of cold calamansi juice.


So back to the present, the restaurant serves really good comfort food that are regional specialties all over the Philippines. Offerings were culled from old family recipes.

Pancit molo


Piassok, which was beef chunks stewed in coconut cream. Yum!


Pork humba


Rellenong bangus, which was my favorite during this meal. I don’t normally go for milkfish but this version is divine!


Ampalaya with lechon meat


For dessert, we had:

Peanut rolls


Kesong puti with langka reminiscent of turon


The classic halo-halo


Service was a little slow. And the waiter forgot to take down our order of morcon. But the meal and the ambiance was good in all. After all, our family was complete, what more could we ask for?


A simple celebration

So my Queen Elsa a.k.a. Mischa Adrienne turned 5. We had the simplest of celebrations followed by a weekend spent with relatives on both sides. Her dad and I took time off from work to be with her on this special day.


She chose her own cake. It definitely had to be pink.

We had errands to run, too, that day, but we let her decide what she wants to do. And we ended up, again, at the kids’ zone.


Then we had lunch at P.F. Chang’s where she enjoyed her chicken rice so much.


We plan on another celebration at school with her classmates sometime this month. It’s a little bummer, though, that their old Kinder 1 class was dispersed and the kids were distributed in different sections. Oh well, guess it’s time for them to mingle with other kids. It’s just she loves her old friends dearly.

Happy birthday again my love. Hope you had fun. Someday, I wish you would always remember the memories we are creating for our little family. Please keep them close to your heart. I love you so much.