Stockton Place

My bestest friends and I seldom see each other these days. While we tread different paths now, I always come home to them. And I can foresee that we won’t be seeing each other sometime soon since one of us will be going back to law school come June, and I don’t think I will be able to go out at all when I give birth towards the last quarter of the year. So we dined, and finely at that, last night.

Rino chose this beautiful restaurant in Salcedo, Makati called Stockton Place. He said he was getting too old, and wouldn’t want the noise and bustle of restaurants inside malls.


For a weekday, the place was full, and upon calling for reservations, we were given an al fresco table as most of ones inside the restaurant were already taken. I liked it immediately. There was nothing showy (except some of the diners hehe), and everything just looks nice, clean and classy. It didn’t look like it was built to impress but rather to make one have that feeling of comfort and homeyness.

When I was browsing its website, my initial thought was that the food was quite on the expensive side. But as soon as our orders started coming in, and we dug into them, I realized, it was right off the mark. The portions were big and wonderful. It does not leave one feeling bitin or shortchanged.

For starters, we had:

Tomato soup


I practically had this to myself, and immensely enjoyed it. It has the right amount of sweetness and tartness, and the roasted tomatoes buried in the rich soup gave it the right kick.

Pan Roasted Sirloin Salad


Not much of a salad fan but I liked the arugula and the generous helpings of sirloin.

Clam Linguine


This was good but the texture of the pasta noodles bore a strong semblance to pancit canton noodles. Sauce was delish, though.

We shared the entrees, and even among four, we were not able to finish it all off!



This one was for the hubby to keep up with his healthy eating habits. The fish was a little bland for my taste but I liked to vegetables and almonds it was sitting on.

Poached chicken


This was the only dish I didn’t get to taste because I was too full of the steak. It didn’t hold that much appeal for me although the chicken skin on top looked good.

Prime Grade Rib Eye


This was the masterpiece. A humongous slab of prime beef that made my eyes and mouth water as it was being set on the table. It was juicy, and had the perfect tenderness and taste. This was a total winner. It was also paired with the most sinful and best fried potatoes I have had in a while.

For dessert, we had Chocolate Marquise


The berries and chocolate are the perfect way to cap the meal and polish all of that goodness. A sweet tooth’s dream come true.

Twas a good night. We had excellent food and I was in even better company. I do wish for more times like these.


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