Ramen Nagi

While I am still compiling photos for two other posts I am doing (coming from several phones and our SLR camera), I would like to share how I loved Ramen Nagi. In general, I think naglilihi ako with noodles of all sorts (sorry, I cannot find a direct translation of that unique pregnant thing to Filipinos). I like instant, I like gourmet, I like pasta, I like local (pansit). I don’t know if it bodes that my son/daughter will be curly. lol.

So when I had the chance to go back to the mall after being held hostage between home and work, and saw that Ramen Nagi just opened at the Mall of Asia, I just had to go. And I wasn’t disappointed!

I had their basic Butao King. I read online reviews and found out that they slowly boil pork bones and other seasonings for a day, hence, the rich taste of the soup. Love it! I chose mine with normal spices and noodles, and chose pork belly over shoulder, and cabbage over onions.


The husband had Green King Midorio, which had basil as its base. He didn’t like it as much as I did mine, and felt that it was too oily for his taste (and health).


But what I liked most about our visit was their quick and efficient service. People were constantly in and out of the restaurant, but we all left with happy tummies without the headaches. You didn’t have to wait for ages for your food to get there. The staff were quick on their toes. Perfection!

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