Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Since it was a holiday yesterday, we spent time at Tito Ninong’s house. He had work in the afternoon so we traipsed to nearby UP Town Center for brunch. It was just plain sweltering outside, ugh!

Anyway, although many establishments have opened in the place, most of it were still closed by the time we got there. The only ones opened were Ihop, which was full to the brim, JCo, which I didn’t like at the moment, and the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. Our fate was sealed when Mischa, seeing the dollhouse-like of the VCB, dragged us there. We perked up at the sight of their menu by the door and saw that they serve other fares aside from their specialty cupcakes. I think we were the first customers of the day.



It was love at first sight with the interiors! Everything was so Martha Stewart-y or something out of a house of a Stepford wife or a setting for English tea. Feminine is a good that comes to mind. The chairs and tables were nicely mismatched, and the lights and other accessories are something homeowners like me wish I had at home. No wonder Mischa wanted to eat there. It was a feast for the eyes. I love the pastels!






But unfortunately, the goodness stopped there. Everything went downhill after that.

First, noticed that the airconditioning seemed not to be working. We chalked it up at first to it being newly opened. But the heat festered all throughout the meal, prompting us to bring out our abanikos. The staff had the sense to turn off some of the yellow spot lights, and that helped cooled down the place a bit.

Next, service was uber s-l-o-w. I could have shopped and would be carrying about ten shopping bags, okay five, by time our orders came. I was tempted to ask if they only had one stove to cook all the food we ordered. But if you know me, I am seldom rude in restaurants for fear of having the crew spit on my food. I don’t know what happens in the kitchen after all. So it was really a trying time for us as we waited and waited. And then they started serving it in trickles. Oh boy! And they served the pregnant lady last. Tsk tsk.

In my ravenous state, I lost sight of taking photos after drinks and the first few items were served. That was how hungry I was.

Strawberry iced tea in mason jars


Tuna cheese melt

Crunchy orange and chicken salad

I cannot tell now if the food was that good or not. We just dove right into them. We also had Spanish sardines pasta, honey-glazed tuyo, country breakfast and chicken cordon bleu.

Would I go back there? Maybe I will visit their other branches. I really liked their interiors but the UP Town Center’s branch really sucked. Big time! They could do well with customer service and training. People come there food establishments to eat. They must up to the task of serving customers well.

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