Summer is here, but despite the heat and the yellow, cheerful surroundings, coldness has been gripping me inside the past two weeks. Fear and anxiety has been clutching at me ever since a gush of warm blood down there brought me to the ER. Blood has never been a good sign during your pregnancy, more so if you are just at your first trimester.

The good news though is that baby is doing great! Heartbeat is very good and he/she has exhibited marvelous somatic activities (meaning he/she moves her arms and legs quite actively). The husband was just over the moon seeing him/her. We are praying with all our might that he/she keeps this up for the rest of the pregnancy. Twenty nine weeks to go, give or take a week.

In the meantime, this mommy just has to sit back, relax, and wait out the 29 weeks. Bedrest is no fun at all. But it’s all I can do to keep the little babe safe.

I certainly feel like a prisoner-physically and emotionally. I wish I could just let go of everything. But I must fight. Everything will be worth it.

Lord please help us.

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