Moving Up Day in AJV

Last Saturday was another proud moment for us as Mischa completed yet another milestone in her young life. Yay! She finished her Kinder 1 class with flying colors!

Here she is with Teacher Jhane, whom I personally will miss so much. I’m sure Mischa will, too. Incidentally, she was the school’s Best Teacher for last year so we were really lucky to have her this year. My daughter really learned not only her lessons, but how to be with her peers, something that we had a hard time teaching her as she is surrounded by adults for most of the time at home.


The ceremony was a bit long (no surprises here) since they recognized the individual students’ unique intelligence. And they called on everyone from the Toddler class to the Grade 5 students. For the first part, Mischa received the Collaborative Learner and Word Smart Award for being cooperative in class and being able to express herself well through the use of Language (you’re my kid alright!).



Although the photos would not be able to show it now but she was really bummed for not receiving any medal at this point. Omg. Teaching disappointments is really something I should work on. While I try my hardest to inculcate the value of hard work to her to be able to achieve anything in life, dealing with failures is something else.

But she perked up when she was awarded a bronze medal for academic excellence. She even wore it until way into our celebratory lunch.




Congratulations anak! Keep up the good work. The world is yours for the taking.

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