The 100 Happy Days Project

Okay, I already told you that I’ve been seesawing between happiness and sadness quite a lot recently. So to focus on what makes me happy and for me to count my blessings, I signed up for the #100happydays project. I’ve been seeing a lot of the hashtag on my social media, and figured, why not join. It’ll make me be grateful for my blessings rather than mope about things that frustrate me because I have no control over them.

So aptly, my first post was about being thankful for this little one growing inside me.



There is not really much to show for except that tiny, almost unreadable speck that will turn out to be one of God’s best creations. I thank God for that wonderful heartbeat that gave me more hope than doubt about whether I can carry this through. I have never prayed for anything more in my life and my prayer is as simple as it could get–Lord please keep my baby safe.

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