Mind Museum

After our time at Museo Pambata, we all had lunch on the bus. Some of the families had packed lunch, while we, along with some others, bought from the nearest fast food. Then off we went to the Mind Museum in Taguig.

What can I say? The place was a haven for the curious minds. However, for Mischa and her classmates, I would think it was a little too advanced. At this point in time, I would say that their knowledge and grasp of science was still rudimentary. The Mind Museum is better suited for those in the elementary years and up. For one, kindergarten pupils are still in the beginning stages of reading, and being in the museum entails that you can read independently and proficiently. But still, that’s what the parents were there for–to help them understand better what they were seeing and hearing. Maybe I’ll bring her back when she’s a bit older and able to process more.

She liked the outdoors, though.

field trip 54

field trip 51

field trip 53

field trip 56

field trip 58

field trip 59

field trip 61

field trip 62

field trip 64

field trip 66

field trip 67

field trip 68

field trip 70

field trip 71

field trip 73

field trip 74

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