Moving Up Day in AJV

Last Saturday was another proud moment for us as Mischa completed yet another milestone in her young life. Yay! She finished her Kinder 1 class with flying colors!

Here she is with Teacher Jhane, whom I personally will miss so much. I’m sure Mischa will, too. Incidentally, she was the school’s Best Teacher for last year so we were really lucky to have her this year. My daughter really learned not only her lessons, but how to be with her peers, something that we had a hard time teaching her as she is surrounded by adults for most of the time at home.


The ceremony was a bit long (no surprises here) since they recognized the individual students’ unique intelligence. And they called on everyone from the Toddler class to the Grade 5 students. For the first part, Mischa received the Collaborative Learner and Word Smart Award for being cooperative in class and being able to express herself well through the use of Language (you’re my kid alright!).



Although the photos would not be able to show it now but she was really bummed for not receiving any medal at this point. Omg. Teaching disappointments is really something I should work on. While I try my hardest to inculcate the value of hard work to her to be able to achieve anything in life, dealing with failures is something else.

But she perked up when she was awarded a bronze medal for academic excellence. She even wore it until way into our celebratory lunch.




Congratulations anak! Keep up the good work. The world is yours for the taking.

Elijah’s 1st birthday

What is it with babies that they seem to shoot right before your eyes? It seemed only like it was yesterday when we first met Baby Elijah and now he has celebrated his first birthday!



Mischa just loves having face paint!



I’m also glad she has learned to join games even if she doesn’t know any of the kids.



A joyous and blessed birthday baby Elijah! Sorry this post has more photos of Mischa than you.





The 100 Happy Days Project

Okay, I already told you that I’ve been seesawing between happiness and sadness quite a lot recently. So to focus on what makes me happy and for me to count my blessings, I signed up for the #100happydays project. I’ve been seeing a lot of the hashtag on my social media, and figured, why not join. It’ll make me be grateful for my blessings rather than mope about things that frustrate me because I have no control over them.

So aptly, my first post was about being thankful for this little one growing inside me.



There is not really much to show for except that tiny, almost unreadable speck that will turn out to be one of God’s best creations. I thank God for that wonderful heartbeat that gave me more hope than doubt about whether I can carry this through. I have never prayed for anything more in my life and my prayer is as simple as it could get–Lord please keep my baby safe.

He, the dog lover

Or not. Hehe. He normally detests pets, and has not succumbed to the pleas of his baby girl to have one at home. Basically he’s allergic to their hair. But who knows, he just might give in soon.




One of these, Becky, is Mico’s and the other is her brother, who is on loan as Becky grapples with puberty. They are just a few months along but are too big to be allowed. Maybe we’ll start off with a much smaller one for Mischa.

I love my team

Not all of them. Some may have gotten rotten to the core, but I basically consider them my family. I will not go into the ugly details here so as not to pepper my blog with all that unpleasantness (although I badly want to vent!. But I’m really happy to be with these people (taken during our annual teambuilding, this year held in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas). Some are just adopted ๐Ÿ™‚






Haggling with the Almighty

Please Lord. Balato mo na sa kin to.


I don’t know what to think and feel anymore. While I jumped for joy for the two positive lines (albeit the other one is fainter than ideal), there are still the telltale signs that not everything is on track. I wish I am just paranoid. I wish I could ignore the light spotting, the absence of a heartbeat at the very first ultrasound, the larger than life myoma that has permanently taken habitat of my reproductive system that leaves very little space for my would-be babies. It would be absolutely great if I could just concentrate on the absence of my period for the last six weeks and four days, or the extreme fatigue I am experiencing, or my very sore mammary glands, or my burgeoning tummy, or the intermittent nausea.

I would be so happy one minute, then immensely depressed the next when I think about how painful it was to have hoped and lost. I do not want to feel this and this anymore. I do not want to feel that crushing defeat again. I definitely do not want history to repeat itself.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I don’t know if it is just all the hype and I’m trying to hitch a ride on the bandwagon but I seem to always find myself craving for ramen. Must be all that blog hopping and reading. I gotta say that bloggers indeed have a way with words, and more than the usual television personalities, they are the best endorsers of late. Anyway, I just got to satisfy the ramen pangs, and this has led us to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka at the Mall of Asia.

The restaurant is situated along the rows of bars and restaurants facing Manila Bay. This is where the gimmick-goers go, especially on Friday and Saturday nights where normally, live bands are set up to play.

Santouka itself is a long, narrow corridor of tables to one side, and a small bar on the other. I don’t think they have a very good exhaust system as smoke tends to pool and hover over the diners. Parang nasa barbecue-han ka lang sa kanto. But it doesn’t seem to affect most of those inside the restaurant as they were just there for the food and their company.

Decor in general was a-okay. I liked the lighting.


And the food definitely live up to their reviews! For starters, we had the salmon salad although I had to dig deep and wide to find those elusive salmon bits. The greens though had that perfect crisp and bite. And Japanese mayo is always a welcome treat.


Then the best part came: shoyu ramen for me and chicken ramen for the husband.



If it weren’t that steaming hot, it would have been gone in 60 seconds. Very flavorful broth and the pork was oh so tender. You could almost imagine the slow simmer the ingredients all went through. I want more!

Oh, and the servers were all so nice and accommodating, they come to you the moment you wave at them. Makes the dining all the more enjoyable.