Museo Pambata

The second stop on the kids’ field trip was Museo Pambata, which is near Quirino Grandstand and the United States Embassy in Manila. This part of the activity was, I must say, very educational, and apt for kids of all ages (the field trip was participated in by all levels of the school from Nursery to sixth grade). There were many hands-on activities they can do that surely made them use their imagination a lot. Truly pambata or “for kids”. Some of the photos here are blurred but it’s because they keep on moving because the kids were plain excited and couldn’t keep still.

field trip 22

field trip 23

field trip 26

field trip 27

field trip 28

field trip 29

field trip 32

field trip 33

field trip 35

field trip 36

field trip 43

field trip 44

field trip 46

field trip 48

field trip 50

There were times during this leg that Mischa would have fits if I didn’t give in to her demands, like buying all sorts of stuff on the street being peddled or junk food. But otherwise, she had fun with her classmates, whom she would see only at the venues because we were not riding in one bus.

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