Crocodile Park

Last week, we accompanied Mischa on her first ever class field trip. She wasn’t able to join one in her previous school since the hubby has just gotten out of the hospital that time. She was so excited this time that she didn’t mind that we woke her up at the break of dawn. She was also glad that she had at least one classmate on the bus with her (it was kind of free sitting depending on the order you paid at the school cashier). It would have been better if they were all together in one bus so they could enjoy the trip more. Oh well.

The areas that we visited that the school chose are all around the Metro Manila. Our first stop was Crocodile Park in Pasay City. Although I braced myself for seeing reptiles only, I was surprised that the park offers a lot more.

field trip 0

The first attraction was the bird show. Kids had fun as the creatures being featured came flying from all sides of the tent we were in.

field trip 3

Then we visited the crocodiles in their pens. They all seem so docile but who wants to go near them?

field trip 6

And we watched them at feeding time.

field trip 8

field trip 10

There was also a tightrope walking and balancing act where the performer did his tricks with the dozens of hungry crocodiles waiting for him to make a mistake so they can have their lunch.

field trip 11

Mischa had a chance to hold a baby crocodile.

field trip 15

Aside from the birds and crocs, as I said there were other animals on for show, such as monkeys, orangutans, tigers, ostriches, etc.

field trip 16

field trip 17

The park also has an indoor crocoseum, which really didn’t show much. It was not really for pre-schoolers as they really couldn’t read that much yet.

field trip 20

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