Kids’ camp

While I was away last week for a 3-day business trip, a notice from Mischa’s school came informing parents of an upcoming activity that would pose so much worry and wrinkles on us but would definitely improve kids’ independence — kids’ camp.


As I was a hundred miles away, I really was so torn in deciding since I would not want to deprive her of such an opportunity, but I couldn’t shake of my anxiousness. After all, how independent can a 4-year old be? And while I do not presume that her pre-school teacher could take care of the personal needs of a child (teaching is very different, of course!), I was afraid of the trouble that 16 4- and 5-year olds can create. How would it be if two or more of them would want to pee/poop at the same? How can she put to sleep 16 high-energy kids? Me, a mother of a pre-schooler, finds it a challenge 95% of the time to put my own child to bed. How do you do it to roomful of them? Will they all have enough to eat? They were asked to bring their own packed dinner, but knowing my own kid, if she is so distracted, she would not have the inclination to eat.

And the best questions swirling around my head: what if there was a fire? what if there was a bomb? what if there are armed robbers whose planned heist just happened on this very day? Crazy, huh?

Anyway, after much hawing, the dad took it upon himself, after getting feedback from the grandmas and mommies who bring their kids to school, to let the baby go. Hays. Anyway, also got reassurances from her teacher through text. The list of activities seem interesting and apt enough. So ok.

Next, I was worried about the things she will bring and use (clothes, toiletries, bedding, etc.). But I think daddy put enough things.


Thank God I was dead tired from my trip that Friday when she was at school, or else I would not have been able to take a wink. It was also great that I read a text message from teacher, which she sent just past midnight that the kids were asleep, and that everything was fine. I love teacher.

As the kids were supposed to go out at 9:00 the next morning, we were there first thing, along with the other anxious folks and guardians. I think many of us suffered from stiffness as we continuously craned our necks in what probably are the longest minutes of our lives. lol.


Anyway, Mischa seemed to have fun, although she looked tired when I picked her up. The only thing was that she went home wearing somebody else’s underwear.

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