Fire Lake Grill

I still owe a post on how we celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary two weekends ago. I still haven’t put all the photos taken from various cameras in one place so I couldn’t see which pictures I want to include in one go.

Anyway, so I’ll go ahead with this one since we took another brief road trip to Tagaytay, this time with the whole family. Mico took us to the Fire Lake Grill, one of the several restaurants in the Cliffhouse compound overlooking Taal Volcano (the hotel also looks mighty fine here but seems a little hard on the pocket). It offers a magnificent view, which I think is better than the one fronting the Taal Vista Hotel where we stayed the last time. It is more “photo-ready” and perfect for photography buffs and enthusiasts.


It also has a central garden and pond where the little girl had fun.


The restaurant had a nice, clean, ranch-y look. I love the all-white motif.


Here is Mischa with her ninong


If it were not noontime, I’d probably want a table outdoors to sniff all that fresh air. So we just settled for one inside. Mischa tried to wait for her food patiently. Which took all of ten minutes before she was out sprinting out the door again.


Didn’t take them much long to serve the food. Five points agad. I think their bestsellers are their steak, but which we didn’t have. What we had were all good though. Well-done, well-prepared, nice to look at. Oh, and quite expensive, too. But well worth it.

Kebab for Mico.


Salmon for the husband, ma and dad.


Prawns with angel hair pasta for me. Two thumbs up, especially for the pasta! Mischa had a lot of it.


Baked penne pasta with broccoli for the kid, but which she didn’t eat so we ended up sharing it.


We polished our wonderful lunch with coffee and cake.

Flourless chocolate


Vanilla and salted caramel cheesecake, which was so sinfully goooood!


Drive was worth it although I had a really bad experience on the way home, which is just too unsavory to share.

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