Blackboard Restaurant

One word to describe this restaurant in Podium: disappointing. It could have the been the place of a long-awaited reunion among lifelong friends who haven’t gotten together for years. It would have been the backdrop of laughter and stories.

Since two of us in the group work at the Asian Development Bank next door, and have tried almost every restaurant in the mall, we scouted for one they haven’t been to. We chanced upon Blackboard at the fifth floor. The decor was avant garde enough for one to be curious and try the place, however, everything else just seemed to be off.

While it did host our catching up, it was able to do so because of the waiting time for the food, which arrived more than thirty minutes after we ordered. And they taste as pitiful as they look:



So when the rest of our crew arrived, we just transferred to Shi Lin, where I forgot to take pictures of the food. Just this happy group:


Gosh, I miss these guys at work. They were my contemporaries, and we have been through a lot of life lessons together – travels, drinking sessions, food trips, boyfriends/girlfriends, shopping, babies, promotions, heartbreaks, even deaths. I wish I could still see and be with them everyday.

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