Middle East series: Yanbu

After Jeddah, we flew to Yanbu. The city was more laid-back, and reminds you of the cities outside of Metro Manila in the Philippines. Think Cagayan de Oro City or Davao or Cebu. Although I know it is an industrial area, our visit was limited again to Philippine schools and residential areas. However, my woes about not being able to take photos of the city just continued. While we can freely do it indoors, caution is still the name of the game even if you are inside your own car. So it was the same behind-the-glass drama. And much of are taken in blurs.


We were supposed to inspect three schools but ended up in two. And I got to meet their local owners. Very nice gentlemen.





We also met with the Filipino community there, composed mostly of industrial workers, engineers, and their dependents.


And here, I have to say a lot about the hotel we stayed in, which was absolutely divine! Raddison Blu Hotel is just a few minutes away from the airport, a situated just on the banks of the Red Sea. We were treated to a glorious sunset the first night we were there.


That view is just outside our messy room. haha. Thank the heavens you don’t have to see the rest of it.


And this is the lobby downstairs.



I love the whole place! It was a place to relax had we not been there to work. It was quiet, just like the rest of the city we saw. Wifi was excellent (which is really a must. And it was added bonus that the front office manager and the master chef were Filipinos. Hooray!

Here I also got to try the traditional kabsa, and om ali for dinner one night. The dessert was oh so yummy!



And their buffet breakfast is reminiscent of Filipino buffet breakfasts, which are normally absent in the other places I visited such as Vancouver, London, and Jerusalem. I look happy here, don’t I? I got a little of everything.


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