Mia’s 7th birthday

Mischa’s Ate Mia just turned seven yesterday. Since I waxed sentimental during my last post about the first aunt I met from the husband’s side, I gotta say that Ate Mia, her sister Ate Alyssa, my sister-in-law, Vivien and Kuya Jun are the closest to us outside of my own family. I have been with them longest among all the husband’s family having known them and lived with them even before we were married and had Mischa. The two girls were wee little things then, and I am happy to see them blooming into little misses. Am also glad that they live about three minutes away from my own brother so we get to see them all the time.

Anyway, here is Mia as she debuted as a princess in her Jollibee kingdom.

Mischa and the birthday girl


Seven important boys in Mia’s life, starting from cousin, Kuya Aaron, danced with her.


Of course, there were games and story-telling. I am glad Mischa joined this time as she normally shies away from these.





Jollibee picked a gift for Mia to open, and he chose Mischa’s, yehey! <haha.


Cousin love (joined by Mia’s best friend from school).


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