A bigger clan

Obviously not ours. I often tell the hubby that his nuclear family is even bigger than my extended family. Every time there is a reunion of some sort on his side, I have to ask him who and how related we are to some people. Ang kulit, ayaw pa kasing gumawa ng family tree. So many cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. By the time we celebrate being married for thirty years, I’ll have their names and relation down pat. lol.

On New Year’s Day, we trooped to Novaliches to greet one of the matriarchs of his family (my father-in-law’s sister) on her 65th birthday. Auntie Noning may have been the first elderly he introduced me to, even before I met his own parents. And she was there when his folks did the pamamanhikan back in 2008 so she is pretty special to me.

Partida, ang dami pang kulang during this get-together. And the hubby’s own family weren’t included here yet. Our immediate family consists of my parents-in-law, six siblings, six kids-in-law and twelve grandchildren (and counting because I plan to add more!). That’s a total of 26. And that’s just one branch of the huge tree. Happy to see everybody else nonetheless.


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