Mold, cast and paint

I was trying to hold off Mischa from opening her gifts until Christmas (I really have high EQ when it comes to opening Christmas gifts) but gave in this weekend. You see, we had to have some last minute shopping (for the nth time) for gifts I forgot to buy, and we had to bring her along (which I really don’t like because being in a mall a few days before Christmas was suicide). And being true to her age, she always asks to buy toys whenever we are out. If it wasn’t so expensive, more often than not, I give in even though it drives the husband crazy because whatever that toy is, always ends up as another addition to the litter at home. So this time, I made a deal with her that she can open a gift even though it’s not yet Christmas just so she wouldn’t request for toys while we were out.

And so, as soon as we came home and she began pestering me, I nudged her in the direction of her Ninong Rino’s gift for I knew it was something “artsy” as I requested. We weren’t disappointed! There were two things inside: a mosaic that needs one’s utmost patience and diligence, which Mischa needs to develop at the moment, and a mold, cast and paint type, which she really took to. Both were great! Keeps kids preoccupied for quite some time, giving me the breathing room I need hehe.

I will post the final products of the two, but here are the mold, cast and paint work in progress.

The box came with a powder solution that I first mixed in 70 ml. water. After stirring into a paste, I slowly poured over six plastic casts shaped like fairies.


Waited for about forty minutes to harden (which was a lifetime for a 4-year old).


And then she was off to work on the figures. These came in with safety pins (if you intend to use as accessory) and magnets (for use on fridge).



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