World Bazaar

I swear (for the nth year!) that I will do my Christmas shopping early next year. Sigh. I always say this every year, and always end up procrastinating starting from making my “To” list. And the resultant rush to the malls follows.

But this year, although no different from the rest, brought us to the World Bazaar at the World Trade Center in Buendia.


Yay to more, but less expensive choices! Over the years, I have made Henry Sy richer and richer, and now I am glad to have other establishments to bring income to. We came on a weekday, and still there were many people milling about. I only assume they are like me who was there for the bargain but without the Divisoria ambiance (no offense but I am not really up to rubbing sweaty bodies with perfect strangers with 90% chances of getting your pockets picked). Did not get to take pictures of my loot but was very happy with them. Would have gone around more but the place was huge! Not for the faint-hearted!

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