Ron Victor’s Christening

I became godmother again to one of my staff’s new baby, Ron Victor, last Sunday. As always, it is an honor to be one because I take this role seriously. There are the gift-giving, but really, I’m here for them and to help their parents in guiding them, ahem, to the right path ๐Ÿ™‚

So the hubby and I trotted off to Imus to witness as RV became a member of God’s family. Fell in love with the Our Lady of the Pillar Church, or more popularly known as Imus Cathedral.


Nice and elegant. Weddings here should be beautiful. But what wedding isn’t?

Anyway, though I am not complaining but RV’s christening has got to be the longest ceremony I have ever attended. The seminar for the parents and godparents, which are normally done prior, is included. And the church person conducting it was quite preachy. But oh well.


Nobody had a chance to take photos of the actual pouring of the water and putting of oil.

Reception was held at the family’s home.


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