Christmas 2013

For the first time in five years (ever since the husband and I got together), we changed our ornaments. And as we have a little girl picking out the hangings this time, the color scheme centered around pink. How kikay.


We hosted Christmas dinner again this year. Maybe next year, I’ll give in to my mother hehe. It’s as simple and joyous as you could get. My Auntie Cynthia went home from Japan this year to spend the holidays with us.


Somebody was not in the mood that night after being woken up at midnight. (I don’t know why they were all in stripes!)


Our Christmas spread (happy to have the sparkling this year!)



A Pmderrific Christmas

Christmas should always be celebrated with good food, wine and laughter. I missed a lot of my friends this season, maybe because of our busy schedules. It’s sad when you seem to be drifting apart from your old friends, so just be sure to enjoy the ones who are still around.

Love my PMD family. I am lucky that my staff and I share more than work and the daily grind. Being together is always a cause for celebration.

And I seem to becoming an Alba’s regular haha.









Misa de Gallo

I am happy to announce that I completed the Simbang gabi novena this year yay!! Save for that first day when I just sat in front of the television because it was raining and I was still afraid of driving the slippery roads by myself, I managed to get up at 3:00 a.m. everyday and bring myself to church! The husband came with me the first few days (presumably to see if I don’t kill myself driving or hurting the car), but gave up soon thereafter.

Counted or not (the first day), it’s the intention and devotion that counts, right? I still hold to my heart my deepest wishes and I know that God hears them.

Reunion at Mangetsu

It’s always a good time with these people. Year after year, despite belonging to different worlds now, we try to come together at this most special time, to celebrate our friendship. We were actually two people short this day, yet the fun and laughter never cease.








Aside from the kwentuhan and asaran, we bonded over the good food. This year, we went out of our way and out of our comfort zone (Manila), and braved the horrific Christmas traffic to Makati. We settled on Mangetsu, a Japanese fusion restaurant tucked in the heart of Jupiter. Most of what’s in their menu are your regular Japanese fares but a bit pricier. There was something to be said for the feel of the place, though. It is very calming and restive, and I think we shook the place with our raucous laughing. Serves them right since we reserved for a small function room, was told okay, but was placed in the main dining area.

Maybe owing to the excitement enveloping the reunion but I really wasn’t able to savor the taste and quality of the food, which was unfortunate because we shelled out quite some moolah. It was good, I suppose, but I have had better for less.








Mold, cast and paint

I was trying to hold off Mischa from opening her gifts until Christmas (I really have high EQ when it comes to opening Christmas gifts) but gave in this weekend. You see, we had to have some last minute shopping (for the nth time) for gifts I forgot to buy, and we had to bring her along (which I really don’t like because being in a mall a few days before Christmas was suicide). And being true to her age, she always asks to buy toys whenever we are out. If it wasn’t so expensive, more often than not, I give in even though it drives the husband crazy because whatever that toy is, always ends up as another addition to the litter at home. So this time, I made a deal with her that she can open a gift even though it’s not yet Christmas just so she wouldn’t request for toys while we were out.

And so, as soon as we came home and she began pestering me, I nudged her in the direction of her Ninong Rino’s gift for I knew it was something “artsy” as I requested. We weren’t disappointed! There were two things inside: a mosaic that needs one’s utmost patience and diligence, which Mischa needs to develop at the moment, and a mold, cast and paint type, which she really took to. Both were great! Keeps kids preoccupied for quite some time, giving me the breathing room I need hehe.

I will post the final products of the two, but here are the mold, cast and paint work in progress.

The box came with a powder solution that I first mixed in 70 ml. water. After stirring into a paste, I slowly poured over six plastic casts shaped like fairies.


Waited for about forty minutes to harden (which was a lifetime for a 4-year old).


And then she was off to work on the figures. These came in with safety pins (if you intend to use as accessory) and magnets (for use on fridge).



World Bazaar

I swear (for the nth year!) that I will do my Christmas shopping early next year. Sigh. I always say this every year, and always end up procrastinating starting from making my “To” list. And the resultant rush to the malls follows.

But this year, although no different from the rest, brought us to the World Bazaar at the World Trade Center in Buendia.


Yay to more, but less expensive choices! Over the years, I have made Henry Sy richer and richer, and now I am glad to have other establishments to bring income to. We came on a weekday, and still there were many people milling about. I only assume they are like me who was there for the bargain but without the Divisoria ambiance (no offense but I am not really up to rubbing sweaty bodies with perfect strangers with 90% chances of getting your pockets picked). Did not get to take pictures of my loot but was very happy with them. Would have gone around more but the place was huge! Not for the faint-hearted!

Hitting two birds with one stone

Thank God my brother and the hubby’s sister live in the same area. More often than not, we are able to visit them ala tuhog in Filipino. So this year’s Christmas visits are no exception. My mother planned the reunion for my Dad’s side early enough since I have a balikbayan aunt, who is married to a Japanese, who is in town for the holidays. Oddly, my in-laws also came in from the province so we had a reunion of sorts, albeit only three of the hubby’s six siblings (oldest and her family are in the United Kingdom, though) and four of twelve grandchildren were there. I always jokingly tell that his nuclear family is as big as my own extended one. lol.

Still good to see all of them, though. Great chance for Mischa to see all of her relatives from both sides.

photo 1

photo 2