First term progress

We got Mischa’s report of grades for the first term last Saturday (they’re on a trimester basis). The husband also talked to her adviser about her progress. Generally, we are very happy parents when we saw how good she is doing academically. I was a but surprised though that she’s excelling in Math (lol) knowing how poor I am in that aspect haha. But seriously, we are so proud she’s got superior skills in Math, Science and the Languages. An average of 96.14 for a Kinder 1 student is no easy feat. There’s a lot to be said still about her writing (poor kid). It is what brought down her average, together with her conduct (but this I am not so concerned about). She could have gotten a green merit card (the highest) but got a pink one (second) instead.


The teacher also remarked that she loses focus when doing activities because she has a tendency to look over whatever her classmates are doing, and reporting these to her teacher. In short, mahadera haha. I’m not making excuses for her, and I already said something to her about minding her own work, but I see that she is exhibiting leadership skills this early. Not bad, right?

There’s room for improvement but I am glad she has mastered the basics. I’ll put on more pressure when she’s older. For now, I believe, guidance is just the key.

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