I’ve been posting too much karate the past few weeks so bear with me hehe. This is their class picture with their sensei, or teacher in Japanese.


Can you see how happy and proud I am that my daughter is into something not academic, nor related to home? I want her to explore, explore, explore! With our supervision of course. I want to give her things (tangible or not) and experience that I was not able to have myself growing up. Di ba ganun naman? You tend to make up for the things your own parents were not able to give you when you were young. Not that I pity myself because we lived more simply back then, but my parents were the homey, traditional kind of people. They are also paranoid. They’d rather I stay home, safe and sound. I could say that all of my life experiences and adventures, good and bad, were of my own doing. As a parent now, I want to give Mischa the opportunity to do things outside of her comfort zone. If she’s not up to it, then fine. I just don’t want her to miss out on things if we can provide for them.

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