Karate kid

When we got a flyer from school that they are offering karate lessons with a partner organization for a minimal fee, I knew we just gotta sign up the kid. I grew up in school with a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from so it feels important to me that Mischa has these, too. It frustrated me a little when we couldn’t enroll her in any summer class (ballet, piano, swimming, whatever) because she had to attend some enrichment lessons as a new student. And as I explained when I was pitching the idea, how can you go wrong with sports? I’ll be happy if she gets a lot of exercise instead of spending all her time plopped in front of the television or the iPad or quietly playing with her toys. So when this opportunity came, despite the husband’s misgivings, it was a go, go, go for me.

The first lesson was held two weeks back, and it was a total failure! Mischa didn’t want to join since she didn’t know anyone and most of the enrollees are bigger kids at school. So she clung to me the whole time we were there and we went home empty-handed that day with a lot of grumbling on the daddy’s part.

Bet you thought I would give up without a fight, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t going to let a few thousand bucks go to waste that easily. I asked for just this one chance to see if the kid wouldn’t really take to it. And besides, I heard some of her classmates would finally be there and I wanted to go in the off chance that she would be more willing to try if friendly faces were around her.

Thank God I wasn’t disappointed! Yahoo!











The class took longer than we anticipated but it was worth it. She seemed so at ease, and I was proud of her for easily catching up with the instructions, never mind that the teacher treated everyone like a big kid. She was even asking for her own uniform, which we just ordered that same Saturday. We hope to get it next time so she would be more inspired to do her moves.

Good job again, anak! Daddy and mommy are so proud!

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