First term progress

We got Mischa’s report of grades for the first term last Saturday (they’re on a trimester basis). The husband also talked to her adviser about her progress. Generally, we are very happy parents when we saw how good she is doing academically. I was a but surprised though that she’s excelling in Math (lol) knowing how poor I am in that aspect haha. But seriously, we are so proud she’s got superior skills in Math, Science and the Languages. An average of 96.14 for a Kinder 1 student is no easy feat. There’s a lot to be said still about her writing (poor kid). It is what brought down her average, together with her conduct (but this I am not so concerned about). She could have gotten a green merit card (the highest) but got a pink one (second) instead.


The teacher also remarked that she loses focus when doing activities because she has a tendency to look over whatever her classmates are doing, and reporting these to her teacher. In short, mahadera haha. I’m not making excuses for her, and I already said something to her about minding her own work, but I see that she is exhibiting leadership skills this early. Not bad, right?

There’s room for improvement but I am glad she has mastered the basics. I’ll put on more pressure when she’s older. For now, I believe, guidance is just the key.


I’ve been posting too much karate the past few weeks so bear with me hehe. This is their class picture with their sensei, or teacher in Japanese.


Can you see how happy and proud I am that my daughter is into something not academic, nor related to home? I want her to explore, explore, explore! With our supervision of course. I want to give her things (tangible or not) and experience that I was not able to have myself growing up. Di ba ganun naman? You tend to make up for the things your own parents were not able to give you when you were young. Not that I pity myself because we lived more simply back then, but my parents were the homey, traditional kind of people. They are also paranoid. They’d rather I stay home, safe and sound. I could say that all of my life experiences and adventures, good and bad, were of my own doing. As a parent now, I want to give Mischa the opportunity to do things outside of her comfort zone. If she’s not up to it, then fine. I just don’t want her to miss out on things if we can provide for them.

Mickey Magical Show (and the premier seats)

Mickey Mouse has been Mischa’s bukambibig the few weeks before we were due to watch his magical show at the MOA Arena. Of course, she’s excited to see her favorite come to life, much like when we watched Barney last year. She is so into Mickey these days. And thank God for connections, we got premier seats courtesy of ABS-CBN, wheeee!

photo 2

I love that we were in our own box, and that a butler is just nearby to take our orders. There were about thirty other seats in there, but it’s not as crowded as it would probably have been had it been a Rihanna or JLo concert. But I was still happy, though. The most fabulous part is that it’s got its own toilet and powder room. How cool is that?

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Only the adults were happy with that. The little girl, whose excitement we couldn’t contain at first, seemed to deflate a bit as the show wore on since we were a bit far from the stage. She wanted to be near, of course. She would later tell me that she was disappointed she couldn’t volunteer during the show as some kids did. Next time, anak. She seemed to have enjoyed the whole thing but not as much as I thought she would. Twas a bit anticlimactic.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

My baby can read

Indeed she can!



She never fails to amaze me. I don’t know if it’s just the mommy in me, and I really don’t know about how kids learn these days, and I am one proud momma again. How is it really with 4-year olds nowadays? Actually it’s been almost a month since I found out that she can do simple 3- to 5-letter words but haven’t had the chance to blog about it. Aside from her teacher, of course, may I also take a bow for teaching and guiding her. I think all those listening to when I was with Deped representatives who were training teachers on how to teach phonetics to students has rubbed off on me, and I can actually teach, too! Yay! I also think it helps her a lot that I write down words for her that she can practice reading.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the day that she will ask me to buy her books instead of toys. That moment when she would curl up on the couch or the bed with a good bed instead of the iPad.

I will miss these guys


We were brought together to take on a not so pleasant task. None of us were really friends the first time we convened, although of course, I had worked with some for the longest time. The circumstances surrounding our “get togethers” were not so great but really, I will miss these guys. It was tension- and stress- full two months, yet we found time to laugh (and eat!). I wouldn’t call them friends now but there’s a start. It is now easier for us to bump into each other at the office and cast out those smiles more easily, knowing that we all shared something, whatever that might be. Till the next big project!