Homemade pesto

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here how we started growing our own herbs. This is still part of our trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle due to the husband’s hypertension. And although I am still struggling to some degree, you cannot fault a girl for trying. I still cannot eat rabbit food and I can only eat so much paksiw, pangat, kinamatisan, fish sinigang, etc. And I do not think I can ever give up meat in this lifetime.

So back to the herbs. After the hubby repotted them in organic soil, they seem to have sprouted a lot. He asked me to cook something with them dahil baka daw magtampo. So I told him to grab a handful, and I made some mushroom and tuna omelette with a sprinkling of chopped basic leaves last Saturday morning. Too bad we didn’t get to take a photo of it. And because I felt that it was good (ahem, love your own. lol), I felt emboldened to cook something bigger with it.

And so, armed with Google to download and compare recipes, I decided to make a batch of my favorite pesto sauce.

Harvested a cup more and bought some to augment the recipe since I didn’t want to get all greedy and finish the plants off in one go.


Tossed them in a blender together with nuts and olive oil. I think a food processor can do this better but I don’t have one yet so I settled for this.


Transferred to a pot and heated.


And tada!!


Very good if I do say so myself 🙂

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