Buwan ng Wika-AJV style

This is a late post since the Buwan ng Wika is always held every August. This mommy was sorry again that she had to miss the little girl’s school activities. Anyhow, the school held several events in the course of the month-long celebration of our national language, culminating in a fashion show of national costumes. In her last school, when she was still in Nursery, they danced to Paru-Parong Bukid and recited a short poem about being a Filipino. She wore the same kimona and patadyong, and I got to say, Mischa graduated from cute to pretty πŸ™‚ Thank God the skirt was adjustable and the blouse perfectly fit her now (it was a little big for her last year).

I got most of the pictures from Teacher Jhane’s facebook page since we weren’t there to witness them ourselves.



They played native Filipino games.





They were asked to bring native Filipino food, such as pansit, sapin-sapin, puto, palitaw, etc. Mischa’s assignment was pichi-pichi. Afterwards, they had a simple salo-salo.


They watched a makabuluhang palabas (I think these were episodes of Hirayamanawari).


And strutted their costumes.



Such cute kids!




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