A healthier us

Okay, so part of adopting a healthier lifestyle at home right now is serving honest to goodness healthy food. I myself, am taking a little more time than the rest of my family in getting rid of meat, salt, etc. from our diet. I know that I should take this seriously since aside from the health side of it, I actually am losing weight! When I stepped on the scale over a week ago, to my delight, I am back to my pre-marriage weight. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and even asked if the scale was broken. lol. If only I could get over the taste part (I like my food very savory, which always means oil, salt and other spices) cold turkey. But I am getting there slowly so bear with me.

In the meantime, I have adopted some steps for our family. I normally give veggie sandwiches to the husband often paired with freshly squeezed lemon juice or a glass of fresh, non-fat milk I still don’t eat this myself.


At this I love: juicing and blending! It is very refreshing and one can almost feel the detoxification of the body afterwards. It doesn’t take so much sacrificing on my part because I actually enjoy taking it. So far, I have tried on mixing and matching available fruits at home. And I have yet to graduate doing this to vegetables.

Apples, bananas and oats

Carrot, pear, orange and apple

Pineapple, watermelon, melon and orange

Lemon, cucumber and pear

Kiwi, pear, mango and apple

Got to try more fruits! I have yet to take photos of my papaya, guyabano, strawberries and even green mango.

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