So we’re also trying this:

lemon cucumber mint

While still not on a diet, cleansing wouldn’t hurt, right? While I would not say no to a thinner and sexier me, health is of utmost importance. Before, the husband just sees to it that he regularly has lemon juice. Now we found out that its peel has more vitamins, and has more cleansing attributes so we followed what I read online to let slices of it sit in water. Then I saw that additional slices of lime, cucumber and a handful of mint leaves help, too.

So there we go. Really refreshing!

Homemade pesto

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here how we started growing our own herbs. This is still part of our trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle due to the husband’s hypertension. And although I am still struggling to some degree, you cannot fault a girl for trying. I still cannot eat rabbit food and I can only eat so much paksiw, pangat, kinamatisan, fish sinigang, etc. And I do not think I can ever give up meat in this lifetime.

So back to the herbs. After the hubby repotted them in organic soil, they seem to have sprouted a lot. He asked me to cook something with them dahil baka daw magtampo. So I told him to grab a handful, and I made some mushroom and tuna omelette with a sprinkling of chopped basic leaves last Saturday morning. Too bad we didn’t get to take a photo of it. And because I felt that it was good (ahem, love your own. lol), I felt emboldened to cook something bigger with it.

And so, armed with Google to download and compare recipes, I decided to make a batch of my favorite pesto sauce.

Harvested a cup more and bought some to augment the recipe since I didn’t want to get all greedy and finish the plants off in one go.


Tossed them in a blender together with nuts and olive oil. I think a food processor can do this better but I don’t have one yet so I settled for this.


Transferred to a pot and heated.


And tada!!


Very good if I do say so myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Surprise, surprise

My family has got to be the most predictable unit ever. You can almost always be sure of what we will do next. Surprise celebrations are almost unheard of. But it is what I decided and planned for my Dad’s 70th birthday. He really thought that it would only be us, his kids and grandchild, and of course my mom, who would be celebrating with him. He was in for a big surprise when we brought him to a restaurant and had our relatives, his step family whom we all haven’t seen for a really long time, and his former colleagues greet him and give him best wishes. I asked my brother who is in media to put together a simple audio-visual production for him.

I am glad he was so happy that day. My brother and I seldom do this for our folks. They are really very simple people, and it takes us for them to experience “life” outside their home.

Happy birthday again, Dad!