Growing our own herbs

When we stayed at my brother’s house last weekend, I saw the herb garden they are growing. With all the health issues in our families (hubby’s hypertension at age 30, and my own dad’s high blood sugar), we have to be extra careful in the food we take in. I wouldn’t want my own daughter catching on and developing the “bad” parts of her genes. At her age pa naman, she loves sweets and processed foods so much. So as her mother, I need to pick up and imbibe healthier habits to be a good model for her.

I guess there’s no harm in growing our own plants when we can. It is part of embracing a healthier lifestyle. We started out with these.


We have three varieties of basil: regular, thai and choco; mint and oregano. Some of them came from Mico’s own garden, which the husband repotted in organic oil. We hope that we can add more later on. I plan on expanding our “garden” ala Martha Stewart soon enough.

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