The results are in

Mischa brought home her school zebra bag, which contains the results of her mastery tests. Since July, every few days or so, scheduled mastery tests (which I assume are equivalent to quizzes) are held at the school. This entails reviewing on our part at home of the things she learned at school. I was apprehensive at first since you know, I felt she was too young for structured exams. Also in her last school, while the pupils take exams in batches for the teachers to be able to assist them, I noticed that they still do not watch the examiners closely, and instead are focused on certain pupils only.

Anyway, as I have said, I am glad we have switched schools! I will say that over and over because I truly believe that. I have noticed that she has learned more, and I really, really like Mischa’s adviser now. She’s young, vibrant and looks like she genuinely loves her charges! She makes them feel at home, and more importantly, makes them feel confident about themselves and their abilities. I see the changes in Mischa. And I guess, it also shows in her exams. For the record, I am not being bitter or anything because she had lower grades before, but I can definitely see that she is more interested in school and in learning, in general.






Math (well, I guess she doesn’t take after me and my “superb” Mathematical abilities nyahahaha)






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