Shadow play


One of Mischa’s rituals at bedtime, after her evening prayers and a book, is making shadows. It takes a lot from our batteries, but who cares, I am glad she is using her imagination. Aside from the ones I taught her, she makes up her own. As one would know, kids these days, without proper supervision, are almost just into gadgets. While I am sometimes guilty of letting the iPad or the TV babysit her, especially when I have chores to finish, and seeing as I am a working mom without a maid, I still try my damnedest to let her play the traditional way. While the grandmother, brought up in a generation different than mine, and waaaayyyyyyy different than now, would rather have Mischa parked in front of a TV (mas maigi daw na tahimik ang bata dahil mabait na bata ito. Duh ma!), I prefer she runs around the house (safely!), perspire and basically be an active, normal child (It’s so hard to bring up parents nowadays lol). I believe that a child is born to play and use her imagination.

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