A different cut

Sometimes, simple old me gets a chance to rub elbows with the alta sociedad. Along with some colleagues, graced the opening of the exhibition of Madam Celia Molano’s (my former mentor’s wife) prime collection of jewelry. Her creations were spread under the glittering lights of the newly opened wing of Salcedo Auction in Makati City.

Mrs. Molano designed and crafted the pieces herself. Not being a jewelry connoisseur myself, I cannot give technical descriptions of the pieces. What I saw instead was how well thought of and loved each of them were. I look up, albeit enviously, to people like Mrs. Molano, who creates not only with their minds and hands, but with their hearts as well.





* more photos at frenzfries.blogspot.com

I wish I could create with a passion that consumes. I hope that someday I will love what I do, and do what I love. I pray that the right pressure will propel me along. As it is, I am only armed with the thought that I have to do what I am doing for the sake of my daughter. But in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul, there lacks excitement and fervent desire. There exists only a methodical need to accomplish tasks. I wonder what has become of me.

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