Tucked into a little side street in the restaurant capital of Quezon City lies Ariake, a Japanese cuisine restaurant. We were actually there by accident since most of the better establishments in the area were already full. But I was glad we did. We all went home with happy tummies! Partida pa, almost all our orders were healthy. Except for the oyster butteryaki, which could give anyone a heart attack right there and then because its richness is sinful as hell, all were almost on the vegetarian side. I was surprised that they will all filling. Bland food always makes me crave for more because I feel like I didn’t eat anything at all. It’s not just the meat, it’s also the seasoning.


Oyster Butteryaki

buttered oyster

Cheesy Beef something (sorry!)

cheesy beef

American Dream (don’t ask me why it’s called like that. lol)


Chicken Udon

chicken ramen

Salmon Teppan




Tofu Steak

tofu sauce


tofu soup

Because of its location, only regular patrons come here, hence, the numerous empty tables. I hope they don’t fold soon. Their offerings pack a mean punch, and the price ain’t bad at all. I’d like to come back soon.

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