Celebrity nails

This is a super late post (read: supposedly posted about two months ago hehe). Ma and I were treated to the wonderful home service spa of Celebrity Nails last Mothers’ Day. Mothers, in their haste to fulfill their obligations to the world (home, work, school, etc.), tend to neglect themselves. I, for one, realize and try to give in once in a while, to the need of the body to be pampered and taken cared of, the royal way. I know things usually go crazy and overwhelming, hence, I try to take advantage of treats every now and then. Being losyang is so uncool, and so uncalled for. We need to take good care of ourselves, otherwise, how can we take care of others? When I have time (and the budget), I go for foot spas, manicures and pedicures, and facials. Massages and hair treatments have been a rarity, but will try to have these soon.

I loved Celebrity Nails! It’s too bad they only service Metro Manila. I only get to have them whenever we come over to Mico’s. Pampering has become just a phone call away, yey! They offer a variety of services in the comfort of your own home. So you need not get up and worry about what to wear (relax nga eh!). They bring these big luggages full of beauty paraphernalia, including soak machines, special lights, massage stones, makeshift chairs, even spa decor you can find in actual spas, you name it! Once treatment starts, you almost forget your worries for a while and give in to that couple hours of complete rest and pampering.


cn home service

Fees are also not bad. I would think they would charge more considering they go to your place, but their rates are more or less the same compared to those in business establishments. Guess, they save a little on overhead.

I really hope something like this operates in the South soon. I would probably be one of their regulars. I can then pamper myself to my heart’s content without feeling the guilt of leaving my daughter.

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