About a fortnight ago, we, along with hundreds of thousands others, celebrated Fathers’ Day. The family decided to meet for brunch after hearing mass at the Shrine of Jesus near the Mall of Asia. I was pinning my hopes on going to Vikings where the famed super buffet is, but everybody else had the same idea. And so, at a few minutes before ten in the morning, they were booked to the hilt until dinner. Whoa!

Anyway, we trooped next door to Oceana, an obscure restaurant, along with a few other families who suffered the same fate we did. The staff there were charming and accommodating enough, most probably from the joy of suddenly having a boom of disappointed restaurant-goers. The interior, on the other hand, could do well with more cheer. Whoever designed the place must have been brokenhearted that time, or just lacked the vibrancy or enthusiasm for engaging would-be clients. It was dim, and the gray tone of the furniture pieces didn’t help much. The bar on one side of the room was cheerful enough, but really, who wants to drink in the middle of the day?


The food was made in the same vein. It was on the bland side, perfect for our hypertensive family members but of course, not for me who always craves for flavor. There was also not much to choose from. And considering we almost were the ones who opened the joint, it was a surprise that there was already a dearth of salad. Looks a bit sad, no?


And since it was Fathers’ Day, they put together something special for dads. You be the judge.

cold cuts

Dessert, as always, excited my taste buds, at least. They have different kinds of cakes cut into bite-sized pieces. Plus there was fruit cocktail with just the right amount of sweetness in a shot glass that even the baby girl loved. I hoped it had nothing alcoholic in it.


shot glass

I would give it about two stars. The chances of us going back there is close to nil, unless someone else is paying and we had no choice.

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