New wheels

We have been having a lot of car trouble of late despite shelling out quite a large sum for its maintenance just this summer. We got to face the fact that the car is old, and must be suffering from joint pains to probably diabetes, Parkinsons, high cholesterol levels, etc. Maybe one of these days, it will suffer a stroke and just break down in the middle of nowhere. It is time for it to retire. But the bottomline is: we can’t afford just yet to buy a new one.

However, I am glad someone got a new set of wheels last weekend (it was Fathers’ Day but the day still belonged to her).


You don’t know how happy I am with this contraption. What a diversion from spending all her time indoors! Although very energetic, the little girl must have inherited from me the inclination to be a homebody and do things on our own. She would go out on our yard but will hardly venture when we try to take her out for a walk around the neighborhood. This bike will give her the opportunity to get fresh air instead of being cooped up inside the house, and see other kids at play. Though I don’t dream of her being outside all the time, it would do her a lot of good to be acquainted with and eventually be friends with these kids/

Enjoy, kiddo, but be careful.

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