Ready for school

The little girl starts school tomorrow as a Kinder 1 pupil. Yay! It’s the start of another chapter in our little family’s life. I am pinning high hopes that this will be a totally different, and a lot better journey for her and for us.

Anyway, school stuff are ready, too. I hope I am not forgetting anything what with all the excitement and anxieties we went through this summer. I am glad all school supplies are taken cared of by the school (included in the miscellaneous fees we paid) so that’s less of a task for me to complete. That left me with books to cover and label.

Well I am glad I found iStickers online. Aren’t they cute?




Mischa loves them. I was looking for ones in Barbie, which as you can probably see in my last posts, that they are her current favorite. I take this as a sign of maturity as she is slowly outgrowing her baby favorites, Barney and Dora. It’s all Barbie and Mickey and friends nowadays. So I’m glad Booths Republic has the lovable mouse. They’re very easy to deal with, and ordering was a no-nonsense affair. I chose a design, made a deposit then received the goods in three days time. I wished, though, that it was kinda faster. But all’s well. They seem to be made of quality materials, look waterproof, and doesn’t look like they can easily be taken off. Plan on ordering them for Christmas to be given away to the nieces, nephews and godchildren.

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