What’s up with us

It has been a month since my last post. Things got a little crazy and roughsince the first week of May, hence the lone post last month. My writing may have gone a little rusty, but I wonder if anyone cares.

The thing is, I lost a child (more on this next time if I ever find the inclination to talk and write about it 😦 ).

Before that, the husband got hospitalized two days before I turned 34. He had chest pains in the middle of the night. I watched in agony as he writhed in pain wondering if I would be a widow at this young age. Yes, seeing the love of your life slowly wither away even to the smallest of illnesses makes you feel the pull of mortality. It feels so unfair at a time when we should be at the prime of our lives.

I’d rather be the one who gets sick. I always seem to feel helpless whenever the hubby gets sick himself. It feels so surreal all the time, like watching a bad film you would like to turn off.

The road is getting bumpy, winding and turbulent.

Can you even imagine how I felt these past few weeks? I couldn’t even put into words the uncertainty, the anguish as we went through the hospital one after the other. It was a nightmare to say the least. Not to mention the gaping hole it left in our already dwindling finances.

Anyway I am still thankful that he left the emergency room that time almost scratch-free. It was just a bad case of costochronditis and nothing more serious. I pray to God that we all keep healthy all the time.

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