Fingers crossed

Even toes, if it was possible. I am praying with all my might that these are true:


We have been praying for this for the longest time. Now that it is within our grasp, I can’t breathe for the real results. You see, since my period was delayed for about two weeks now, I had pee tested and these are what came out. Unfortunately, when I had an ultrasound yesterday to confirm it, the OB-sonologist was unable to detect a sac 😦 I don’t know what to make of that. She said it might be I conceived late, and the “baby” could not be detected yet. Since I tested positive in two pregnancy kits, that should mean I have high levels of HCG right? The hormones that only pregnant women have? I sure hope so. Can my body fool two different testing kits?

The thing is, though, I have been having brown discharges almost everyday now. I don’t know if that’s my period? But it was too meager to have been it. Plus it still doesn’t explain the positive results.

Badly confused and anxious right now.

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