In her new second home

The big kid on the block has started in her new school! It’s been three days but she seems to love it so far. Although the grandma reports to me today that she had a fit because she wanted to bring home her indoor shoes meant for school. But generally, I’m happy because she seems happy and at home there.




Mischa is spending 20 days as a requirement for her Kinder 1 classes. Not really a requirement, the principal says to me, but more of writing and reading readiness so she won’t lag behind some of her classmates. I actually am thankful they did this. All for the good of the kid. Besides I don’t want to her to waste time parked in front of the television the whole day this summer. And when you’re in my mama’s house, you don’t really get to go out. Trust me. I never had playmates because I was cooped up all day inside. If only I get to take care of my own kid myself. Sigh! Another woe of a working mom.

I like the small campus. Compared to her old school, the place is very maaliwalas, peaceful and seems to be conducive to learning. The rooms are big, there are enough outdoor space, the personnel are very respectful, and most importantly, her new teachers seem to be very competent at tama naman ang grammar hehehe. Okay, so shoot the grammar Nazi mom, but this is really something very important to me. Marami namang wrong grammar na matalino, pero wala pa akong nakitang tama ang grammar pero…ganun. Pasensya na kung yan ang batayan ko pero yan ako eh. But other than that, the teachers, whom she will be spending a lot of time with, and whom she will have a tendency to imitate, feel like they are genuinely caring, and are considerate and mindful of being second parents to the kids. This is what we missed in her first school. I truly hope that she will develop more fully this time, socially and cognitively.

I hope that my view of the school and everything in it doesn’t change. Sana sulit because we paid an arm and a leg to send her there. There are less expensive schools in the area but this one really called to me. Because of our “big investment”, I am hopeful that they will become our partner in Mischa’s very good upbringing.

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