My bronze medal

As what my mommy has probably told you, I finished my first year in school with flying colors. I actually couldn’t care less about what honors I got, but I was really happy I had a medal around my neck. It doesn’t matter what color it was, the important thing is, well, it was there! Mommy says she likes gold over this bronze one better, but she still peppered me with a lot of hugs and kisses so maybe I did something right. I think mommies and daddies are more excited about moving up ceremonies than we kids are. I just want to run around, and play with my friends.

Although my mommy tells me that this will probably be the last time I will see my friends since I will going to a new school starting this summer. Will I miss them? I don’t know. It still takes me a little time to get used to new people. But I’ll live. Mommy says so.

For now, I am just glad for the chance to go up that stage with my folks. They tell me I really did a good job. Mommy even asked if I wanted to get a bike since I did well in school. I told her I prefer a scooter, but I don’t think she and daddy are budging. They tell me it’s more dangerous, and that I might get run over by a car or something. Oh well.

Here are a couple of photos of that happy day. My ninong, who had the camera that day, couldn’t take a good shot if his life depended on it. haha. Too bad because I thought mommy and I had killer outfits that day.





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