Okay, so I’m posting this first instead of the reason we went out and celebrated.

My kiddo finished sixth in class, and has a bronze medal to show for it. Yey! Can you believe we actually finished one school year when we just wanted her to get used to school and having other kids around? I am so proud of her!! Even though she’s younger than her classmates, she actually did well and finished with flying colors. Well, more of that later.

After the moving up ceremony, we had an early dinner at Abe’s, a Filipino restaurant at the Alabang Town Center (gosh, I missed that place). It’s been quite a while since we have gone out so I was happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Since the husband got hospitalized more than a month ago for high blood pressure and elevated SGPT levels (for liver something), we needed to lie low on the sodium and fats. So being the dutiful wife (lol), I had to make pakisama, and refrain from eating rich, savory foods, and eat like a rabbit. The past month has seen me eating sinaing, kinamatisan, paksiw, etc.

So what do I order the first time we went out? Haha see for yourself what abstaining from meat can do to you.

Good old crispy pata

crispy pata

Crab in coconut






Because the husband is still very cautious (feeling nya siguro nasa bingit na sya nung naospital sya), he had sinigang na bangus, which I didn’t get to take a photo of. Sinigang is sinigang wherever you go in the Philippines, anyway.

I didn’t get to see the bill so I can’t say for sure if all the food is worth the moolah. But I immensely enjoyed the food as you can imagine. Although I really felt that, had I been eating all that stuff all this time, I would say that everything tasted, well, normal. But as it was, my taste buds went into overdrive just having meat touch my palate.

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