Rare moments are precious

with mama old

Mischa had the time of her life over the weekend with some of her cousins. My parents-in-law came over from the province, and slept over for the first time so we had them for two whole days. Three nieces, a nephew, one of my sisters-in-law, an aunt and an uncle were there, too, although some of them went home right away. So you can just imagine the full house, which is a far cry from just our nuclear family plus my folks.

Umaapaw sa saya ang bulilit! Ayaw matulog, sunod-sunuran kung san pumunta ang mga ate nya, napakaingay! Syempre masaya din ang nanay pag nakikitang masaya ang anak nya.

The thing though is, goodbyes afterward are just heartbreaking. It tugged at my heart how “abandoned” she looked when they parted ways. It was one of those times I wish we just lived near each other. We adults just have to really make time and effort for them to be together more often so that they grow up with a really strong bond.

And belonging to a relatively small family, it is really my fondest wish to have all twelve (at present) grandchildren of Mama old and Papa old together in one roof, and in one photo.

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