Okay, so I’m posting this first instead of the reason we went out and celebrated.

My kiddo finished sixth in class, and has a bronze medal to show for it. Yey! Can you believe we actually finished one school year when we just wanted her to get used to school and having other kids around? I am so proud of her!! Even though she’s younger than her classmates, she actually did well and finished with flying colors. Well, more of that later.

After the moving up ceremony, we had an early dinner at Abe’s, a Filipino restaurant at the Alabang Town Center (gosh, I missed that place). It’s been quite a while since we have gone out so I was happy πŸ™‚ Since the husband got hospitalized more than a month ago for high blood pressure and elevated SGPT levels (for liver something), we needed to lie low on the sodium and fats. So being the dutiful wife (lol), I had to make pakisama, and refrain from eating rich, savory foods, and eat like a rabbit. The past month has seen me eating sinaing, kinamatisan, paksiw, etc.

So what do I order the first time we went out? Haha see for yourself what abstaining from meat can do to you.

Good old crispy pata

crispy pata

Crab in coconut






Because the husband is still very cautious (feeling nya siguro nasa bingit na sya nung naospital sya), he had sinigang na bangus, which I didn’t get to take a photo of. Sinigang is sinigang wherever you go in the Philippines, anyway.

I didn’t get to see the bill so I can’t say for sure if all the food is worth the moolah. But I immensely enjoyed the food as you can imagine. Although I really felt that, had I been eating all that stuff all this time, I would say that everything tasted, well, normal. But as it was, my taste buds went into overdrive just having meat touch my palate.

Rare moments are precious

with mama old

Mischa had the time of her life over the weekend with some of her cousins. My parents-in-law came over from the province, and slept over for the first time so we had them for two whole days. Three nieces, a nephew, one of my sisters-in-law, an aunt and an uncle were there, too, although some of them went home right away. So you can just imagine the full house, which is a far cry from just our nuclear family plus my folks.

Umaapaw sa saya ang bulilit! Ayaw matulog, sunod-sunuran kung san pumunta ang mga ate nya, napakaingay! Syempre masaya din ang nanay pag nakikitang masaya ang anak nya.

The thing though is, goodbyes afterward are just heartbreaking. It tugged at my heart how “abandoned” she looked when they parted ways. It was one of those times I wish we just lived near each other. We adults just have to really make time and effort for them to be together more often so that they grow up with a really strong bond.

And belonging to a relatively small family, it is really my fondest wish to have all twelve (at present) grandchildren of Mama old and Papa old together in one roof, and in one photo.

Habemus Papam

images (1)

The Catholic Church has a new leader! I felt a teeny, tiny twinge of disappointment that it was not Archbishop Luis Tagle of Manila, who became a frontrunner for the Church’s highest post despite his youth and recent appointment as cardinal. No matter, based on what I have read (been scouring the net for conclave and papacy related matters endlessly today hehe), it seems that there is hope in Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina). As a Catholic, I am praying that he leads the Church in the right direction given the many, many challenges of the times. Many would now look to him for guidance and blessings. I wish he would not lead the institution into obscurity with antiquated methods, but lead it to progress just like everything else in this world.

I could still remember that split second that only a meter separated me from Pope John Paul II in 1995 when his popemobile passed me in a motorcade during the World Youth Day in Manila. I was 15, and I have never felt anything but pure joy of being so close to what we perceive as God’s “representative” on earth. What an awesome, palpable feeling that I will never, ever forget to my dying day. I hope I get that chance again someday. Closer, if possible.

Hello blandness

Because of the recent turn of events, cooking and preparing our menu have really been quite a challenge. For someone who is a hearty eater, and has a penchant for savory, salty and carnivorous food, the sudden drop in meat and spices is making a mess but only in my head. What can I do, the husband drastically needed to change his diet. And I wouldn’t want to be the one to put his health on the line so I go along with it. I wonder how long I will last.

Picking out groceries is another matter. I feel a little forlorn when I go up and down the aisles as I try to select healthier options. I feel like my gustatory experience is being limited. I never had to check content for sodium and cholesterol. But this is good, right? I just have to convince myself that I’ll live without the taste. It’ll get better in time, and in the long run.

Go away asthma!

mThere are so many things that Mischa can inherit from me. I know we look a like so much, and I hope she gets some of my street smarts (hehe). But good Lord, I hope she doesn’t develop asthma. It’s so hard growing up with it, always short of breath, and saddled with medicines of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, she seems to have the beginnings of allergic rhinitis like I did when I was in elementary. She sneezes and catches colds and coughs easily. When we brought her in to the doctor, she was given anti-asthma medication, which dashed my hopes that she has stronger lungs than I. I’m still praying she outgrows this.