It all boils down to these two

I have been mulling about a good problem lately. Now where to send the little kid? After looking over schools nearby the new house, and having Mischa assessed, we came up with two uhm, candidates. Help me decide.

School A

* With permit to operate from the Department of Education
* Anchored on the Catholic belief
* Number of students in a class: 16 max
* Two teachers per class for the full three-hour session
* Tuition and miscellaneous fees: Php41,830 if cash, including school supplies, field trip, class picture, etc.; Php45,200 if installment
* Approach: Progressive/Play-based, teacher-guided; with emphasis on multiple and emotional intelligence
* Class hours: Choice of 7:30 – 10:30 or 10:45 – 1:45
* Located outside of the private village, about 10 minutes ride
* Small campus, up to Grade VI only
* Reservation fee to reserve slot: Php1,000
* Environment seems to be very conducive for learning.
* Well-lighted classrooms
* Posters outside the school of the students’ achievements seem to be geared towards proficiency in English.
* Mischa liked the school because of the toys.
* This was the first school where we had her assessed. It took her awhile to warm up and answer, but she eventually did with flying colors except that she doesn’t want to tell the teacher her name and age up to the very end of the session.

School B

* Government-recognized
* Non-sectarian
* Number of students in a class: 20 max
* On class adviser for the first one and a half hours to be followed by two assistants for the next half of the class
* Tuition and miscellaneous fees: Php40,984 if cash, miscellaneous items not indicated; subject to increase in SY 2013-2014; Php46,060 if installment
* Approach: Montessori/Traditional
* Class hours: Choice of 8:00 – 11:00 or 1:00 – 4:00
* Within subdivision, 2 minutes ride or about ten minutes walk
* Big campus to accommodate pre-school, grade school and high school students
* Reservation fee to reserve slot: Php3,000
* Environment seems to be very formal.
* Classrooms seem a little dim.
* Posters outside the school suggest high regard for sports.
* Mischa liked the school because it’s yellow.
* She immediately took to the teacher-assessor because she found the exams interesting, i.e., she was asked to transfer water from one container to the other.
* She was pre-conditioned that she needs to answer whatever the teacher will ask, and she will be rewarded with treats afterwards.

Lord please give me a sign so that I make the best choice for her.

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