Our new community

This will be our new hangout every Sunday.


Last Sunday, I was sort of cornered by my new friend, Ate Daisy, who lives in the same village and is the coordinator for our parish, to serve as offeror at the Sunday mass. This was when nobody was manning the parish office when we dropped by to schedule our house blessing the previous week, and I had to make bilin with her. She volunteered to arrange the blessing for us then asked us for this, for lack of a better word, “favor”. I said yes in a heartbeat. And I was very glad I did. There’s nothing like being in God’s house, and praising and thanking Him.

We haven’t exactly been the regular churchgoers in the last few years. We try to, as much as we can, but real life seems to always derail plans. I know, I know, that’s not an excuse. But discovering that there’s a church five minutes from our house gave me renewed vigor to set aside time for my trusty Kuya Jess since He has blessed our family so much.

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