Scouting again

We are in the same boat now just like last year when we began scouting for schools, although a bit earlier. We have to do it now since 1) we moved and the old school will be quite far for a preschooler if we are to stay full time at mama’s house and 2) I don’t really like the present school that much anymore. It’s not really that bad but some things are just not forgivable–such as up to now, her uniforms are still not available!! And we are reaching the end of January and we’ve fully paid for everything before the school year started. They keep on putting parents off by telling us that it is the fault of the supplier, etc. But c’mon, can you let somebody get away with that? I surmise that, considering it is mostly the nursery students without the uniforms, and the ones they have are too big, that they are just waiting for these kiddos to grow so that the things will fit. Yikes.

Anyway enough of that. This is the first and last that we will deal with them. I am just thankful that my daughter seems to have learned a lot, although my initial goal of wanting her to be friendlier and more sociable did not materialize. If anything, she seemed to have withdrawn further when dealing with strangers. I really don’t know what to make of this but that’s that.

aSo we’re back to the drawing board. We’ve asked and looked around, and so far has shortlisted two schools of consequence. Mischa had an assessment with the first, which I so far like. I am very inclined to enroll her here but I don’t want to settle so we’ll do a little more looking around. The school seems very ideal–not too big, not too small either, had the proper government recognition, facilities look great, feedback is ok, teachers seem very competent (at least the ones who assessed her), tuition is a bit steep for our budget but that’s just one consideration, location is not too far from our house. Suffice to say, it is on top of our list right now.

We just have to look at the others so we don’t miss anything.

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